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The good ones

The bad ones

The useless ones…

They are all over the place.  One of mine is to play 6 rounds of Tetris before starting anything on my computer. 6 2 minute games, with 1 minute in-between. 17 minute habit, repeated 2-4 times a day.  So over an hour of playing a silly game every day. 365 hours a year, 45 8 hour days, 9 weekly paychecks. 2 months.  Dedicated  to spinning cubes around to fill in a rectangular space.

Nicorette gum, a box a week, $35-$55 a week, $2184 a year.

I never did the math before, the time and money spent is both astonishing and disturbing.

Action – removed Tetris from my Facebook Game Panel – Settings, Apps. DONE

Action – create taper down schedule from Nicorette – todo


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